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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Tel-Aviv's bike rental scheme - what you need to know updated

Tel Aviv has launched (in May 2011) a bike rental service known as Tel O Fun to allow residents and visitors to get a round the city more easily.

It is possible to rent a bike at any time; day or night from any rental station throughout the city, either for a daily charge or for a subscription.


How to use the service

When picking-up a bike users will either have to enter their credit-card or subcription-voucher in to the service-console machine and they will then be able to choose a bike to rent.

When returning the bike to a docking-station the bike must be securely locked in, so that you can hear a click, and the system knows the bike has been returned.

The bikes will be standard 3-gear adult bikes, with a seat that can be adjusted.  The bikes are also equipped with light reflectors, mud guards and a rear carrier.


Daily rental of a bike would be 16 Shekels 
Weekly rental would cost 60 Shekels.  

Time of use

  Accumulated time  

 First 30 minutes of rental      30 minutes     0 ILS
 30 additional minutes, or portion thereof    60 minutes     5 ILS
 30 additional minutes, or portion thereof   90 minutes     5 ILS
 60 additional minutes, or portion thereof 150 minutes   20 ILS
 60 additional minutes, or portion thereof 210 minutes   40 ILS
 60 additional minutes, or portion thereof 270 minutes   80 ILS
Every additional 60 minutes,
or portion thereof
 330 minutes
 100 ILS
 First 24 hours     24 hours 1,200 ILS

It will be possible to pay at the rental station by credit card.

Annual subscription is 240 Shekels for residents of Tel Aviv and 280 Shekels for non-residents.  An annual subscription can only be purchased at the Tel Aviv Muncipality or on the Tel-O-Fun website.

A delay in returning the bike after 24 hours - 1200 shekels

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