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Friday, 31 December 2010

Friday 31st December News Brief

Burnt Train didn't meet standards

The train fire earlier this week according the Jerusalem Post could be because the train did not meet safety standards introduced in 2006.

Israel's First Eco-Friendly Road

Isrrael's National Roads Company has paved 1 km of Road 85 in the east Carmiel near Acre with a new eco-friendly material made of asphalt and rubber pellets from warn car tyres. The new material is the same cost as  traditional asphalt but with the new rubber pellets the lifespan of the road should increase by one-third. 

This experiment was jointly carried out by the Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Environmental Protection, and the Technion Israel Institute of Technology. The rubber accounts for 3% of the asphalt blend, but the quantity of rubber could be doubled in future, which would result in the use of almost 4,000 used tires per kilometer of road.  If successful this could prove excellent use for millions of decommissioned car tyres.

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