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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Israel and Ukraine sign aviation agreement

Israel and the Ukraine have signed an aviation agreement which will allow more airlines to fly between the two countries.  Each country will now be allowed to run two scheduled airlines between the countries, with three airlines allowed to fly to Kiev.

This could see the number of flights between Israel and the Ukraine increasing from 21 flights a week to 48 flights.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Jerusalem Light Rail start delayed again, Call for greater enforcement of bus lanes

Jerusalem Light Rail start delayed again

The Jerusalem Light Rail is unlikely to be able to start running on its scheduled start date of August.  With just two months until the tram network is due to start operating the Jerusalem Post says that the start date is unlikely to be met and may slip back to October or November.

The latest delay in the start of operations is being caused by a number of factors including the fact that traffic lights have yet to be reprogrammed by CityPass, along the route to give priority at intersections to the new trains.  At the beginning of  June only 4 out of 50 traffic lights had been reprogrammed.

The light rail is also suffering from a dispute with drivers, who are threatening to strike.

Call for greater enforcement of bus lanes

Public transport campaigners in Israel are calling for greater enforcement of bus lanes, so that buses can move more speedily and thus attract increased numbers of passengers the Jerusalem Post has reported.  The campaigners are calling on the police to ensure they enforce the law so that motorists who illegally use bus lanes are penalised.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Israel and Hungary sign aviation agreement, Israel and Italy agree to work together to improve train safety

Israel and Hungary sign aviation agreement

Israel and Hungary have signed an agreement to allow more flights between Israel and Hungary.  The agreement will allow up to 30 flights each week between the two countries.  El Al currently operates six flights a week between Ben Gurion Airport  and Budapest Airport, while Malev Hungarian Airlines operates 13 flights a week.

The agreement will also allow Israeli airlines to fly for the first time to other airports in Hungary and not only Budapest.

Israel and Italy agree to work together to improve train safety

Israel and Italy yesterday signed an agreement as part of their joint cabinet meeting in  Rome to share expertise on train safety.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Israel Transport Minister - Israel Railways need to reform safety or shut down, and Easy Jet to launch flexible fares on routes to Tel Aviv

Israel Transport Minister - Israel Railways need to reform safety or shut down

Following the report on Friday, Israel's Transport Minister Israel Katz has said today that unless Israel Railways implements improved safety, he will order the shut down of trains in Israel on 17 August, the Jerusalem Post is reporting.

The Transport Minister is requiring Israel Railways to increase the monitoring and enforcement of train drivers, requiring testing for new drivers and regular testing of  trains.

Friday, 10 June 2011

A new way to find a parking space in Tel Aviv and New enforcement body for Israel's railways

A new way to find a parking space in Tel Aviv

Gev Rotem and Ilan Rotem are entrepreneurs who believe they have found a solution to the lack of parking spaces in Tel Aviv, with their new venture Parkpool.

Parkpool will allow owners of private parking spaces to rent out the space to drivers looking for a space to park.  This will be made possible through a smart-phone application and call center.

New enforcement body for Israel's railways

Israel Katz the Minister for Transport in Israel is expected on Sunday to announce a new regulative body for Israel's railway.  This follows a number of accidents and incidents on Israel's railways in recent months.

According to Globes it is expected that new train drivers will be required to take a driving test.  The new regulatory body will also be responsible for ensuring enforcement of railway rules, increasing the standards required to be a train driver, and inspecting trains.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

El Al celebrates 2nd anniversary at London Luton Airport

El Al has this week celebrated it's 2nd anniversary of service between Luton Airport in England and Israel, according to http://www.breakingtravelnews.com.  Since the route started 160,000 passengers have used El Al.  El Al passengers are able to travel through security more quickly at Luton Airport by being granted access to the airport's priority lane.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Egged to improve bus services for blind people in Israel

Egged has started work on on acquiring and installing announcement systems on their bus to help visually impaired bus passengers in Israel.

This follows a recent indictment issued by the Commission for Equal Rights of Persons with Disabilities in court saying that Egged does not follow the law which requires transport companies to announce bus stops so that visually impaired passengers can easily travel on public transport.

Egged also said that their drivers are expected to announce each stop for their passengers.