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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Intercity bus prices to fall in Israel on Sunday, Minister announces no congestion charge for Tel Aviv

Intercity bus prices to fall in Israel on Sunday

Following the reductions in monthly bus ticket prices at the beginning of April the Minister of Transport in Israel, Israel Katz has announced that from this Sunday April 17, intercity bus ticket prices will be reduced by as much as  30%. 

The aim of the reduction - according to the Transport Ministry - is to encourage more people to use public transport especially at a time when gasoline prices are at their highest ever price, and had been brought forward to before Pesach to help families during the holiday.  

The new bus fares will be see a maximum intercity bus fare (except to and from Eilat) falling from 63 Shekels to 45 Shekels.  Routes include Kiryat Shmona or Tzvat to Jerusalem or Tel Aviv.

While bus fares currently at:

51-56 Shekels will fall to 42 Shekels.  Routes include Karmiel to Tel Aviv or the Golan Heights to Jerusalem.
42-48 Shekels will fall to 40 Shekels.  Routes include Tiberias, Haifa or Bet Shean to Jerusalem. 
37-42 Shekels will fall to 36 Shekels.  Routes include Dimona or Afula to Jerusalem.  

Minister announces no congestion charge for Tel Aviv

The Minister of Transport in Israel, Israel Katz has announced that he has no intention of introducing a new congestion charge for the amount of distance motorists drive in Tel Aviv.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Train Crashes in Netanya and Hyundai becomes the most popular car in Israel

Train Crashes in Netanya on Thursday

Two trains collided outside Netanya in Israel on Thursday resulting in sixty injuries, when two cars derailed.  The crash seems to have occured when the driver of the southbound train, heading towards Tel Aviv, did not stop at a red-light.

Israel Railways said the train's collision avoidance system prevented a far more serious accident.

Hyundai  becomes the most popular car in Israel

Hyundai has become the best selling car in 2011, followed by Mazda (the previous most popular) and Toyota.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Jerusalem Light Rail start date delayed again, Tender launched for new north-south rail line in Israel

Jerusalem Light Rail start date delayed again

Globes are reporting that there could be a further delay of several more weeks to the start of operations on Jerusalem's Light Rail line, caused by safety faults in the control system.  These faults were discovered during the testing last week, ahead of the Light Rail line being granted a safety permit.

As a result the proposed April start for passengers to use the tram in the centre of Jerusalem along Jaffa Street will not be allowed for several more weeks meaning that the April 17 launch will be delayed, while CityPass corrects the fault.  The start of full operations is still scheduled for 8 August.  The safety testing is being carried out by TUV Nord Group.

Further delays to the start of operations could still be caused by a dispute between CityPass and Egged over how the revenue from the tram tickets will be shared, and whether passengers will be able to purchase combined tram-bus tickets for travel in Jerusalem.

Israel Rail launches new Tender for a new eastern Israel north-south rail line

Israel Rail has requested bids for a study into a proposed new north-south rail line in Israel that will travel through Lod.  The 65km railway would connect the four metropolitan areas of Israel while bypassing Tel Aviv.


Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Highway 1 to be widened into Jerusalem and Israair to begin flights to Jordan

Highway 1 to be widened into Jerusalem

Israel's Internal Affairs Cabinet Committee yesterday approved a 2.5 billion Shekel proposal by the Transport Minister, Israel Katz to upgrade the Jerusalem to Tel Aviv Highway 1.  The proposal will see Highway 1 extended to 3 lanes each-way between Shaar Hagai and Jerusalem.  The road widening will also see new tunnels and bridges to make the drive straighter, smoother and quicker.  The project is due to be completed by 2016 and will reduce the journey time between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv to half an hour.

However, there is opposition to the road expansion according to the Jerusalem Post from environmental groups and local municipalities including Mevasseret Zion, Bet Shemesh, Har Adar and Abu Ghosh as the changes to the layout of the highway could affect the environment and residents' quality of life.

Israair to begin flights to Jordan

Israir Airlines is to begin operating two flights a week between Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv, Israel and the Amman Queen Alia International Airport in Jordan following permission from Israel Katz, Minister of Transport in Israel.  

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Monthly Bus Tickets reduced by 10% from April

The Transport Minister of Israel, Israel Katz has announced that all monthly 'hodshi-hofshi' bus tickets will be reduced by 10%, in order to encourage greater use of public transport.

In Jerusalem the monthly bus tickets will cost 227 Shekels, 252 Shekels in Haifa.  In Tel Aviv the monthly Egged ticket will cost 200 Shekels and the monthly Dan ticket will cost 324 Shekels.

The prices for monthly bus tickets in other cities will be:

Ber Sheva - 144 Shekels
Bet Shemesh - 113 Shekels
Modiin - Prices can be found on the Connex website
Nazareth - 99 Shekels
The Sharon - 159 Shekels

The price of inter-city monthly tickets will be announced in the next few days following agreements with the different bus operators.  The Israel Transport Ministry is also trying to reach agreement with the different bus operators throughout Israel to install an 'interoperable smart card reader' on all buses.