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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Jerusalem Light Rail start date delayed again, Tender launched for new north-south rail line in Israel

Jerusalem Light Rail start date delayed again

Globes are reporting that there could be a further delay of several more weeks to the start of operations on Jerusalem's Light Rail line, caused by safety faults in the control system.  These faults were discovered during the testing last week, ahead of the Light Rail line being granted a safety permit.

As a result the proposed April start for passengers to use the tram in the centre of Jerusalem along Jaffa Street will not be allowed for several more weeks meaning that the April 17 launch will be delayed, while CityPass corrects the fault.  The start of full operations is still scheduled for 8 August.  The safety testing is being carried out by TUV Nord Group.

Further delays to the start of operations could still be caused by a dispute between CityPass and Egged over how the revenue from the tram tickets will be shared, and whether passengers will be able to purchase combined tram-bus tickets for travel in Jerusalem.

Israel Rail launches new Tender for a new eastern Israel north-south rail line

Israel Rail has requested bids for a study into a proposed new north-south rail line in Israel that will travel through Lod.  The 65km railway would connect the four metropolitan areas of Israel while bypassing Tel Aviv.


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