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Thursday, 10 March 2011

Security of Jerusalem Light Rail and Ben Gurion Airport

As testing continues on the Jerusalem Light Rail line, TUV NORD Group are continuing their work to ensure the entire system fully meets the safety requirements.

When operational the light rail system, which will have 46 Citadis trams on a 14 km route, will meet the standard international requirement for railways EN 50126.  This is a higher standard of safety than most tram systems around the world.  In order to meet the EN 50126 safety standard, which will be issued by CENELEC (the European Committee for Electro-technical Standardisation, the light rail system will have to prove its reliability, availability, maintainability and safety, including integrating the tram line into the existing road network of Jerusalem.

Ben Gurion Airport Security

The Jerusalem Post carries an editorial supporting the profiling of passengers and questioning the High Courts of Israel decision to examine the process.

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