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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Train Tickets are cheaper from today but Gasoline Prices Rise again today, Road Safety in Israel

Train Ticket Prices cut today

Israel Katz the Transport Minister, today cut the price of monthly train tickets in Israel by 11.5% a month earlier than expected.  The reduction will increase the discount on monthly train tickets to 42.5% from the current discount of 35%. The cost for subscribers will be based on 23 trips, instead of the current 26 trips.

Individual fares will also be cut by 3.2% on the Beer Yaakov-Rishonim-Tel Aviv and Rehovot-Tel Aviv lines.

Gasoline Prices Rise Again Today

The yo-yo gasoline price has continued again today with prices rising to 7.30 Shekels as a result of global oil prices rising following the Arab States instability.  This follows the recent cut in tax for gasoline in Israel after the popular protests caused by the rise in tax on gasoline at the beginning of 2011.

Improving Road Safety in Israel

The Israeli Government is publicising how it is working to improve road safety in Israel.  This  includes drivers having stickers on the back of their vehicle asking how good their driving is, which allows people to phone up a control centre and report bad driving.  The Government is also supporting the road safety 'People in Red' NGO.

West Bank's Transport Coordinator retires

After 44 years of organising the management  of roads and transport services in Israel's West Bank, Nahum Gabay, the transport coordinator has retired according to Arutz Sheva.  Nahum Gabay was responsible for 1,400 km of Israel controlled roads in the West Bank, 15 traffic lights, 3000km of safety railings and over 200 public transport routes.

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