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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Tel Aviv Light Rail Infrastructure Work to Start and High Speed Rail Line to Eilat

Tel Aviv Light Rail Infrastructure Work to Start in September

Israel Katz the Transport Minister in Israel has announced that the first infrastructure work on the Tel Aviv Light Rail line will begin on 21 September.

Currently only 17% of residents in the Tel Aviv region travel by public transport (below the national average of 20%.)  It is hoped that the new light rail line will increase the level of public transport users as the first light rail line in Tel Aviv will be able to carry 150,000 passengers a day.

This announcement follows the Government take-over of the scheme and the launch of a tender for companies to build the tunnels.

High Speed Rail Line to Eilat

A Chinese company has made a bid to build an high-spped railway from Tel Aviv to Eilat.  If built the train line will see trains travelling at up to 350 km per hour, which would reduce the journey time from Ben Gurion Airport to Timna to less than two hours.  Ori Yogev, Chairman Designate of Israel Railways has said that a decision would have to be made within a year on whether to go with the high speed rail solution or a traditional railway where can trains can travel up to 230 km per hour.

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