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Monday, 7 March 2011

Speed Camera's to start in Israel in May

The Ministry of Public Security has said that they expect fixed position speed cameras to begin operating on roads in Israel in May or June.  The announcement follows the granting of permits by the Israel National Roads Company, to allow the poles and camera's to be installed alongside roads in Israel.

The project to install the cameras and operate the speed cameras will be carried out by Malam Team, which is based at a national command and control center at Har Hotzvim in Jerusalem.  The cameras are supplied by the Dutch company Gatsometer.

The Ministry of Public Security said that the 300 cameras on Israel's roads should be installed this month, followed by 2 month pilot.  Following the pilot project, the cameras should be fully operational in May or June.  Israel currently only has 15 speed cameras but the new project will see 200 cameras being used to catch speeding motorists, while 100 cameras will be used to spot motorists running red lights.  It is expected that 300,000 fines will be sent out to motorists each year, which could raise 200 million shekels in fines for the Government.  It is also hoped that the threat of being fined will see motorists driving more safely and so reducing the amount of accidents.

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