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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Green Transportation Week in Israel, EL AL sign agreement with WestJet

Green Transportation Week in Israel

As part of the Green Transportation week in Israel the Jerusalem Post is reporting that 400 bikers and rollerbladers will converge in Tel Aviv this evening.  The event being organised by the Israel Bike Association begins at 9pm at the Cinematheque Plaza and will follow a 25km route.

The bikers association are using this week as a launch-pad to make cycling in Israel safer and more convenient.  For example the association are working with Israel Railways to provide bike hooks and holsters for bikes to be stored on trains.

EL AL sign agreement with WestJet

El Al last week signed an agreement with Canadian WestJet airline so that passengers flying on El AL from Israel to Toronto Airport will now be able to purchase connecting flight tickets on WestJet to 30 Canadian airports, Florida and the Caribbean.  El Al's Matmid Frequent Flyers will receive an additional 20% in points for join El AL - WestJet flights booked fro November 2011.

El AL already has similar agreements with JetBlue, American Airlines and Virgin America.

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