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Monday, 2 January 2012

Price of New Car and Public Transport has increased in Israel

The price of a new car in Israel has increased with the turn of the new year, Globes reports, as due to the weakening of the Israeli Shekel against world currencies, vehicle importers have had to increase the price of a car in order to maintain their profit margins.

The cost of a Mazda 3 or Ford Focus has increased by around 3000 Shekels.

The 1 January 2012 also saw the price of gasoline increase to 7.23 Shekels a litre, while bus and train prices increased by about 3%.

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  1. This is a price of new cars in Israel has increased of the turn of last year, Globes reported, is due to the weakening of Israel Shekel against the currencies of the world.

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