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Friday, 15 July 2011

Bike Rental scheme in Tel Aviv to expand to Herzliya, Approval given to improve road access to Jerusalem

Bike Rental scheme in Tel Aviv to expand to Herzliya

Haaretz have reported that Tel Aviv's bike rental scheme is to be expanded to neighbouring city Herzliya.

Herzliya is currently negotiating with http://www.tel-o-fun.co.il/the operator of the bike rental scheme to set up bike rental stations and to construct a cycling path linking Tel Aviv and Herzliya.

Currently in Tel Aviv, there are 5000 subscribers to the bike rental scheme, 90% of whom are residents of Tel Aviv.  The scheme is also seeing more than 2000 bikes rented each day from its 80 stations, with 550 bikes positioned throughout Tel Aviv.

The scheme is at present only available to annual subscribers but daily and weekly subscriptions are expected to be permitted in the near future.  Also by September the number of stations should increase to 150 within Tel Aviv, with 1500 bikes available.

Approval given to improve road access to Jerusalem 

The Interior Ministry this week approved plans to construct a new road (Road 16) to connect Road 1 - the main road into Jerusalem - to the Menahem Begin Highway which will allow commuters to bypass northern and central Jerusalem on their way to southern Jerusalem.

However, as Road 16 will run through the Jerusalem Forest, the approval is being criticised by environmental groups.  The road according to the Jerusalem Post will also included tunnels under the Har Nof and Yefe Nof neighbourhoods of Jerusalem.

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