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Friday, 1 July 2011

How to travel to or from Ben Gurion International Airport in Israel

With the summer tourism season approaching below is a guide for people travelling to or from Ben Gurion Airport.

Taxi Service

Licensed taxis pick up passengers from outside the arrivals hall at Terminal 3.
Taxi drivers are required by law to use the meter on all trips.  There is a 25% surcharge for all trip between 9pm and 5:30am (and from 4pm on Friday afternoon and holiday eves.)
There is also a 3 shekel charge for each suitcase.

'Sherut' Minibus taxi service 

These are licensed communal taxis which can carry up to 10 people to different locations.
They also operate from the taxi stand outside the arrivals hall at Terminal 3.
There are two companies:

Nesherto Jerusalem 
Amal - to Haifa and northern Israel

To get a Nesher sherut from Jerusalem to the airport, a journey can be ordered by telephone (02 6257227) 24 hours before your required journey.   The cost of a journey is 56 shekels.  There is a service every hour and your pick-up will depend on where in Jerusalem you are departing from to the airport.

The Amal Sherut from Haifa can be reserved by telephone (04  866 2324) and the cost is 65 shekels from Haifa to the airport.


The airport bus station is located near Gates 21 and 23 on the second floor of terminal 3.  Bus transfers can be taken from there to the bus station in Airport city.

To travel between the Airport City bus station and :

Jerusalem - take the 947 bus (32.40 shekels)
Haifa - take the 947 bus (36 shekels)


The train station is at a very convenient location, next to the the Arrivals Greeters Hall, with access to the station by elevator, escalator and stairs.  Ben Gurion Airport station is on the Tel Aviv to Modiin train line and access is easy by train to many parts of the country, especially Tel Aviv and Haifa.

Car Rental Procedure at the Airport

The car rental companies’ counters are on the first floor of the East Gallery in the Greeters’ Hall and are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The pick-up and return of the vehicle is at the rental companies’ 500-space parking lot on the ground floor of the East Building opposite Terminal 3.

Rental Car Pick-Up: Arriving passengers should go to the rental company’s counter and after making the necessary arrangements should proceed to the parking lot via the connecting corridor between the terminal and the parking lot. They should then take the elevator or stairs down to Level G and follow the signs to the rental company’s lot.

Rental Car Return: Rental cars should be returned to the parking lot opposite Terminal 2 (internal flights terminal). The rental companies provide transportation to Terminal 3. Cars can be refilled on the spot when they are returned.


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