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Sunday, 20 February 2011

How to save money on your bus journey in Israel

If you are travelling around Israel by bus it is likely that at some point you will use an Egged bus,the main bus company in Israel.  You can save money on your journey by purchasing:

- a Kartisiya - a ticket which can be used multiple times, which saves 20%.
- a 2-trip ticket, which allows for 2 journeys either on 1 bus by 2 people or 1 person on 2 journeys, which saves 15%.
- a Hodshi-Hofshi monthly ticket, which has different prices for various areas and routes covered by Egged.
- a Hofshi Yom one day pass for certain routes which can be used after 9am.
- a continuing ticket which allows for 1 journey on an intercity bus followed by a journey within a city.
- a Rav-Kav card (using RFID technology) for use on certain routes.

Discounts are also available for children, youth and pupils, students, the disabled and senior citizens.  

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  1. is there any deal combining a bus coming to tzomet shilat from jerusalem (and vice versa) and a bus within jerusalem?