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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Petrol Prices Rise and Israel German bilateral agreement - Tuesday 1st February 2011

Petrol Price Rise

Gasoline prices to were increased by 1.68% today to a record high of 7.26 shekels (following an earlier rise at the beginning of January) caused by the rising cost of crude oil.  Globes is reporting that member of the Likud Party in the Knesset are pressuring the Prime Minister Benjamin Netenyahu and the Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz to stop any further increase in the price of petrol.

The rising cost of gasoline may see the Shai Agassi -  owner of electric car promoter Bette Place - prediction come true that by 2020 more people will be buying electric cars than petrol fuelled cars.

Israel - Germany Agreement

During the recent bilateral meetings between Angela Merkel the German Chancellor and Benjamin Netenyahu an agreement was reached to strengthen cooperation in the area of rail transport.  The German Government will encourage German consulting firms and infrastructure companies to take part in transport projects in Israel such as the Eilat railroad project.  There will also be cooperation in the area of electric mobility such as with the Better Car company and on innovations for sustainable mobility.

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