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Sunday, 2 January 2011

Sunday 2nd January 2011 News Brief

Gasoline Prices reach new  high

The price of petrol increased this week to a new high of 7.10 shekels (for self-service) for 95 octane fuel.

Israel has one of the highest  prices in the world for fuel, mostly due to the high level of tax (56% of the total cost).  The rising cost is due to a 20% increase in the tax - the second time in 18 months - and which is to be repeated in 2012. 

Israel's Train Infrastructure needs modernising

Globes have an opinion piece arguing that Israel's train company is against modernisation so that they do not have to reform itself and improve, a policy supported by the Transport Minister Israel Katz.

Haaretz meanwhile is reporting that following last week's fire, one-third of carriages will be inspected from today.  This will see cancellations in both directions between Hod Hasharon-Tel Aviv-Rishonim (Rishon Letzion ); Tel Aviv-Ramle-Beit Shemesh-Jerusalem; Be'er Sheva North-Dimona; Hof Hacarmel (Haifa )-Kiryat Motzkin. These are planned to be replaced by bus servicecs.

New Vehicle Emission Level's Announced

The Environmental Protection Ministry will be able to place stricter limits on emissions from motor vehicles from today in order to improve air quality.  The new law will allow the Ministry for the first time to set emission standards which vehicles will have to pass as part of the annual motor inspection tests.

Israel's main source of air pollution is currently from motor vehicles.

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