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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Wednesday 12th January News on Speed Limits, Road 90 and bus policy

Road 90 into Eilat

The new dual carriageway between Eilat and Timna was opened today.   The 18km road was widened at a cost of 153 million shekels.  The 12km road between Timna and Hai Bar will open in July.

The road heading north from Hai Bar will have a tender published for its upgrade in February 2011 by the Israel National Roads Company.

Speed Limits

The Jerusalem Post has an opinion piece by Elihu Richter the former head of the Injury Prevention Centre at Hebrew University - Hadassah School of Public Health in which he criticises the new increased speed limits on major highways, arguing they will cause more road injures.


Bus Passengers

Following the decision last week by the High Court to end the policy of women having to sit on the back of the bus on certain Egged bus routes there is an article at JewishWeek about the aftermath of this.  The Israel Religious Action Center will be travelling on routes where women have been separated to ensure that women are no longer forcibly segregated.

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