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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Tel Aviv Fast Lane 'is becoming more popular'

The new fast lane which opened on 7 January 2011 between Ben Gurion Airport and Tel Aviv on Highway 1 is starting to become more popular amongst motorists.

The Jerusalem Post has reported that the the schemes operators Shapir Engineering are pleased that the number of users of the lane is increasing and according to the Nitzan Yotzer, the head of operations, the optimum "capacity will be reached within a few weeks,
when the real value (of the lane) will come to light".  Capacity is currently at 80% and according to Nitzan Yotzer "already carries more traffic than any of the other lanes" on the Highway 1.

The operators are therefore predicting that this could the first of many road-charging schemes into Tel Aviv.

As the level of motorists increases, the operators are saying that the price which motorists are charged to use the lane will increase, from what has been six shekels to as much as 25 shekels during busiest periods.  This unique example of variable charging for the fast toll lane is to deter motorists at busy time with a higher price and attract motorists at less busy times, so as to ensure that the road has a good level of vehicles on it, while ensuring that the minimum speed limit on the fast lane remains at 70 km/hour.

Motorists who wish to use this lane should register on the fast lane website or by phoning *3633.  Motorists can also park their car at the Shapir Interchange and then using the free Dan bus into Tel  Aviv or Ramat Gan.  Alternatively vehicles with four or more people can drive through the toll booth at the Shapir Interchange in order to use the lane for free.

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