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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

News on Cheap Flights and Road Safety - Wednesday 26th January

Cheap Airline Tickets

Globes is reporting that airline tickets from Israel to Europe and America are falling as a result of increasing competition from Arkia Airlines and other European airlines.  Arkia is currently offering flights to European destinations for $99.

Road Safety Committee 

The Knesset has this week set up a Road Safety Sub-Committee to examine a way of reducing road accidents in Israel according to the Jerusalem Post.  The Committee will be chaired by the Kadima Knesset Member Robert Tibayev.  This follows an 11% increase in road accidents in 2010.

The new committee was supported by Or Yarok the road safety organization that has run a campaign criticising the Transport Minister Israel Katz.  


  1. Totally agreed that the cheap transportation also may be the cause of the accidents but most of the accidents occurs daily due to violation of rules. Because we people don’t follow the traffic rules while driving which causes lost of life or serious injury. Main reason behind these mishaps is over speed, driving after drunk, talking over the phone while driving. If we want to overcome all these accidents then we have to follow traffic rules.

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