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Monday, 10 January 2011

Monday 10th January - News on the Fast Lane

Yesterday saw the first full use of the new toll lane into Tel Aviv and the Jerusalem Post reported that it was not a very popular way to travel into Tel Aviv.

The new 13km fast toll lane between Ben Gurion Airport and Tel Aviv has a capacity to service 1500 vehicles every hour, however during Sunday's morning rush to work only 900 vehicles used the lane while only a small amount of commuters used the new park and ride shuttle service. The first day of the new lane also appeared to cause greater than usual congestion on the remaining free lanes of  Highway 1.

Elsewhere the Jerusalem Post has an interesting editorial examining Israel's transport needs and difficulties following the opening of the new toll lane to Tel Aviv.  The editorial reviews how Israel has previously had a slow histroy at delivering transport infrastructure such as the proposed Jerusalem to Tel Aviv train line.

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