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Sunday, 30 January 2011

Trains Suspended on the Tel Aviv - Jerusalem - Bet Shemesh Line next week and Petrol Price Pressure

Train Line Suspended between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem

Next week between Friday 4th February and Friday 11th February the Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and Bet Shemesh train line will be suspended.    The Ber Sheeva to Tel Aviv train line will also be suspended.  This is to allow for the engineering works to the line so that the the journey time can be reduced to 50 minutes between Tel Aviv and Ber Sheeva.

The closed stations next week between 4th February and 11th February will be:

Jerusalem Malha
Jerusalem Biblical Zoo
Bet Shemesh
Kiryat Gat
Ber Sheva North University
Ber Sheva Central

To help compensate for the inconvenience there will be increased bus services between Ber Sheva and Tel Aviv.
A replacement shuttle bus will run in both directions between Lehavim-Rahat, Kiryat Gat and Tel Aviv.
There will also be a special bus service between Bet Shemesh and Lod.

The engineering work will include the laying of a double turnout at Na'an Station, adding a 2nd line between Lod Station and Na'an Station, and setting up new points and diversion along this section of track.

Full information can be found at the Israel Railways website.

Fuel Prices

Following the increase in prices for petrol earlier in January as a result of the Government of Israel raising the tax it charges for petrol there has been recent complaints about the high price for petrol.  This is because Israel has one of the highest level of taxes on petrol in the world.  The Jerusalem Post has an editorial today about the growing concerns of the higher petrol prices.

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