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Thursday, 24 February 2011

Israel wants more electric cars, More cars hit the Jerusalem Tram and Gasoline Prices to rise again - Thursday 24th February 2011

Israel wants more electric cars

Uzi Landau - the National Infrastructure Minister in Israel - has said that it is a mission of Israel  to create an "open, competitive and safe market (for electric cars) that will meet international standards and place the consumer in the center."  The Minister is looking for their to be other suppliers of electric cars as well as the Israeli company Better Place, acccording to Globes.

More cars hit the Jerusalem Tram

In two seperate incidents yesterday the Jerusalem Post reports cars jumped the traffic lights in Jerusalem on and hit trains which were being tested on the new light rail line Jerusalem. This follows an earlier crash this month.  City Pass have said this is the second incident during testing as a resulting of drivers jumping red lights.

EL AL Staff

Globes is reporting that EL AL and the Histadrut Union have agreed improved conditions for their employees.

Gasoline Prices in Israel

Despite the decision of the  Government in Israel to reduce the tax on gasline prices this month, Israeli motorists are likely to be hit by rising petrol prices again in March.  Haaretz is reporting that as a result of the instability in Libya the price of oil has increased which is likely to push prices up by 2.5% in March.

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