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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Petrol Price Concern and new planes for El Al - Tuesday 8th February 2011 News

Concern over Gasoline Prices

Benjamin Netanyahu - Prime Minister of Israel and Yuval Steinitz the Minister of Finance yesterday faced harsh criticism from their Likud Knesset faction - as reported in Haaretz - over the recent rises in petrol prices.  Globes meanwhile has said that the Prime Minister and Finance Minister have been meeting together with representatives of the Bank of Israel  to develop a plan of action.  A possible solution could be to give more workers income tax credits because of the rising costs they have.  There is also a suggestion that the rising tax revenue from petrol could be used to fund an extra 300 million to 500 million Shekels for subsidies to public transport.

El Al buys new planes

El Al has bought four new Boeing 737-900 planes to replace their Boeing 757s which are used for flights to Europe.  The planes are scheduled to enter service in 2013 which will see passenger capacity increased.  The full story can be read at Globes.

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