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Thursday, 24 February 2011

Israeli Technology on iphone helps to improve road safety

New Israeli technology designed for the iphone, allows users to use a free application to record and report bad driving by other motorists, as reported on Janglo.
The 'Traffic Observer' application has been designed by Zemingo, allows drivers to place their Iphone on the dashboard and it's camera records the road with images saved too a limited 2 minutes.  If a person see's any bad driving or an application, all the driver has to do is pull over and press a button on the phone and the recording with the GPS position is sent to a YouTube account where volunteers from the National Road Safety Committee filter it.   Where illegal activity has occured the police will be contacted.
The volunteers track down the violators of the less severe cases and replay for them their recorded driving behavior as an educational tool.
The application is currently only available in Israel but Zemingo are hoping other organisations will take up the technology around the world.

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