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Sunday, 14 August 2011

First electric car showroom opened in Israel in Israel, Israel Railways Safety Plan agreed, and an Extra Flight to Eilat

First electric car showroom opened in Israel

Better Place the electric-car infrastructure company Better Place has unveiled its first showroom at the Gilot Junction in Israel, in preparation for the sale of electric cars to retail customers.  Three models of the 
Renault Fluence ZE will be available which are fitted with Better Place's battery and electric engine instead of a conventional fuel tank and internal combustion engine. 
The Renault Fluence Expression will cost 123,000 Shekels and the upgraded Dynamic model will cost 130,000.  The cars are able to travel 185 km between charges.

Photo by: Ofer Vaknin
Better Place has also last week signed an agreement with Israeli car leasing company Albar Ltd. to market the Renault Fluence ZE electric cars to its leasing customers in 2012.

Israel Railways Safety Plan agreed

An agreement was reached on Thursday night between Israel's Transport Ministry, Israel Railways and the Transport Workers committee to implement Transport Ministry's rail safety plan, the Jerusalem Post has  reported.   The agreement follows Israel Katz's statement in June that if the plan is not agreed by this week he would have shut down the railways in Israel, following a number of accidents this year.

The main points of the rail safety plan are:
- increased supervision and enforcement of railway operations,
- tighter hiring terms for new employees (such as requiring train drivers to undergo thorough training and tests), and;
- regular testing of rolling stock.

Extra Flight to Eilat

The Transport Minister Israel Katz has given permission to El Al to add one extra daily flight between Ben Gurion Airport and Eilat.  El Al currently operates three daily flights between Ben Gurion Airport and Eilat.
This will see the number of seats on El Al increase on its Eilat route to 580 per day, from the current 430 seats, on four daily flights.

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