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Sunday, 14 August 2011

Jerusalem Light Rail to start this Friday

Jerusalem's light rail is to start this coming Friday, 19 August CityPass have announced, subject to final approval by the Independent Safety Assessment

CityPass will deploy hundreds of workers during the first few weeks of the train’s operation in order to explain the automatic ticketing system and answer passenger questions.

CityPass would have liked a further delay of a month to update the traffic lights along the route to give preference to the tram.  At present only  20 of the 100 traffic lights along the train’s route have been updated.  This means that at peak travel times, the train will also suffer from traffic jams, and it could take up to three times as long for a train to complete the route from Pisgat Ze’ev to Mount Herzl as it would on the regular route when the traffic lights are updated. It is estimated it would take two or three months for the company to update the remainder of the traffic lights.

A major overhaul of the bus lines, which would change more than 50 routes, was planned to be rolled out simultaneously with the light rail but was pushed off until the traffic lights are updated and the train runs on a normal schedule.

When the traffic lights are updated, trains will depart every five minutes. For the first few months, trains will depart every 10 to 15 minutes.

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