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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Investigation into the cost of cars in Israel and Taxi Drivers Protest against fuel costs in Israel

Investigation into the cost of cars in Israel

Israel's Transport Minister Israel Katz, has announced a new committee to examine the level of competition in the car industry.  As part of the Israeli Government's attempt to show it is listening to the social demonstrations against the high cost of living in Israel, the Transport Minister has said that the committee will look at the cost of purchasing a car in Israel, as well as the cost of spare parts, leasing cars and whether warranties are honored by car dealerships.  The commitee will be chaired by Yaron Zelekha.

Taxi Drivers Protest against fuel costs

Taxi drivers last week joined the demonstrations on Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv to protest against high petrol costs, caused by the high taxes.

Although the Government has reduced the price of fuel in Israel, the level of tax on fuel was not reduced, from the 40% level it currently is, which differentially affects professional drivers.

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